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The pride of Merseyside

16 May 2013 by Angela

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We recently got some lovely feedback from a couple of our members. If you’ve ever wondered about joining the National Museums Liverpool membership scheme this is what it means to John and Cynthia from Southport:

“The last thing on our minds when my wife and I visited the then recently opened International Slavery Museum was to become members of National Museums Liverpool. It was fairly shortly after we moved to Merseyside and we were becoming more and more excited at the vibrancy of the area and Liverpool especially. Therefore, I suppose we were in just the right frame of mind when Sarah approached us to ask if we would like to become members of the new membership scheme and we have not for one moment regretted the decision.

The most important thing for us is feeling a part of the organisation which means that we care about the institution. We have particular pride in the groundbreaking International Slavery Museum and the new Museum of Liverpool.

Membership events enable us to get a better understanding of, for example, new exhibitions. We get great talks by the curators who explain the background and what they are trying to achieve at the various sites and it also gives us a chance to talk to the people who are making it happen.

Overall it is probably the basis for the pride we take living in Merseyside as passionate advocates for the city of Liverpool and the surrounding area.”

Find out more about becoming a member.

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