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14 January 2014 by Sarah Starkey

Photograph of wounded disembarking from a hospital ship during the First World War

Photograph of wounded disembarking from a hospital ship during the First World War (Maritime Archives reference D/APB)

Here at the Maritime Archives & Library, I am in the process of preparing our annual return for the NRA, which in the world of UK Archives stands for National Register of Archives.  Every year The National Archives asks archive repositories of all sizes and types across the country to send them a list of the collections they have accepted in the last year.  Significant acquisitions are then added to the NRA which can be searched through its website here.  It’s a really useful tool for researchers to find out who’s got what.  It’s also useful for us, as it protects us from making the archival faux pas of accepting records when another repository already has a collection that they should be added to.

The return is quite easy to complete (I’m an archivist, of course I keep good records) and I enjoy being reminded of the interesting documents that people have been kind enough to donate to us, and by extension, to the whole country.

The image in this post is a photograph from the collection of Albert Percy Bishop (D/APB), a ship’s purser for Blue Funnel and Donaldson Line, who served on hospital ships during the First World War.  A collection of his seafarer’s documents and photographs were donated to us in May 2013 and will be of great interest during the forthcoming commemorations of the First World War.

  1. Chanel Kirwan says:

    Hello, I’m doing my dissertation on the impact of the slave trade to Liverpool. I’ve already been to central Library to look at their records. Would you recommend me visiting the museum for further records?

    Many Thanks

    • Sarah Starkey says:

      Dear Chanel,
      It’s a big subject to study, but I would recommend you visit us if possible.
      The Maritime Archives & Library holds some important collections of slavery documents and we have an excellent collection of books on the subject in our Library. There is an outline of our collections in our information sheet on the NML website
      Should you wish to visit we are located on the second floor of the Merseyside Maritime Museum and open Mondays and Tuesdays, 10.30-12.30 and 1.30-4.30.
      Good luck with your studies

  2. Tony Mac says:

    can i find a list any where of a list of all red cross and troop ships in the first world war,allso a list of merchant navy memourials to the lost from this war,tony mac, Preston Remembers.

    • Sarah Starkey says:

      Dear Tony,

      We have a couple of books in our library that might be useful to you: Britain’s Maritime Memorials & Mementoes by David Saunders and Hospital Ships and Ambulance Trains by John H Plumridge, but I don’t think either of them are completely comprehensive. I’m not aware of any list of troop ships used during the First World War and it would be an extensive topic to research. Please contact us directly at the Maritime Archives & Library if you require further information.


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