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7 June 2017 by Ellie

Shipping company poster

Pacific Steam Navigation Company poster 1984.269.1

As part of our ongoing efforts to make the collections of Merseyside Maritime Museum more accessible, you can now find out about some of our posters on our new works on paper collection pages.

The first works to be featured are the Liverpool shipping posters that were previously displayed in our Sail Away exhibition (May 2014 – April 2016). They were selected from over 100 posters in our collection, illustrating the history of more than a century of sea travel.

Shipping company poster

Elder Dempster Line poster MMM.2005.23

One of my favourites is this colourful Elder Dempster Line poster with artwork by Odin Rosenvinge, a leading marine artist based in Liverpool. You will be able to see it on display in our upcoming exhibition Black Salt which opens on 29 September.

More posters will follow so watch this space!

We will also be working on other online collections to reflect the stories we cover, and highlight our diverse and historically significant objects at Merseyside Maritime Museum.

  1. Catherine Sparks says:

    I remember seeing a great poster at the museum, about a trip from Liverpool to the Amazon, (unless I imagined it)?

  2. Ellie Moffat says:

    Hello Catherine,

    Thank you for your comment. We have a poster that was produced in the 1930s for the Booth Line, to advertise cruises up the Amazon. It is currently on display in our Life at Sea gallery, on the the First Floor of the museum.

  3. Jeremy Bell says:

    Our family used to sail on the Elder Dempster Line ships of the time, The Apapa, The Accra and the Aureol to Nigeria in the 50s and 60s. I am interested to know if you have any exhibits currently on display about the line or the vessels? And do you sell copies of the posters, e.g. the one you display on your website?

    Earlier this week we attended the graduation of our daughter from Liverpool university and I had intended to visit the museum on our last day but discovered that you only opened at 10.00, too late for us to catch our train. I am now kicking myself for not visiting you over the last 3 years but I was unaware of your existence. Your waterfront has been marvellously transformed but is not as I remember it from my childhood, when our father would drive his car from Newcastle right onto the dockside. It would then be hoisted up and lowered into the hold and would be similarly taken off at Lagos for us to drive the 90 miles through the jungle to our home in the citiy of Ibadan. But I do remember the famous Liver Building as we sailed away the last time, the day before England won the World Cup in 1966. Lovely city. Great memories.

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