Double Fantasy – John & Yoko opens to the public

18 May 2018 by Laura

Yoko and Sean

Yoko and Sean Ono Lennon open ‘Double Fantasy – John & Yoko’ on Thursday 17 May 2018. Image © Gareth Jones

We are still recovering from a night at Museum of Liverpool we will remember forever! We were so honoured to have Yoko and Sean Ono Lennon for the opening of the exhibition, Double Fantasy – John & Yoko.

Yoko gave a heartfelt opening speech, sharing her love for Liverpool and how much it meant for her to have the exhibition in John’s hometown.

‘Thank you for making a beautiful, beautiful show. I have never seen anything like it. Only Liverpool people could do it. Now I feel like I am your family. I feel like I am home”

We’ve had a wonderful response from visitors who have seen the exhibition so far:




A selection of social media responses to the exhibition.










Tonight (Friday 18th May), the Museum  of Liverpool is open until 10pm as part of the LightNight celebrations across the city. Join us and see what everyone is talking about.


  1. Pam Phillips says:

    Congratulations to everyone on creating such a fantastic exhibition

  2. Ljilja Smiljanovic says:

    Good on you John and Yoko. Both fondly remembered and never forgotten by ALL the people of “Greater Liverpool.”

  3. Linda T Ward says:

    Thank you do much Liverpool for this truly inspiring exhibition. I came away emotional and uplifted. Join and Yoko are a light that will never go out

    • Laura says:

      Thank you Linda. It is so good to what people take away from our exhibitions, and this is a very special one.

  4. walter owens says:

    really enjoyed it coming back again.

  5. David Evans says:

    Just to let you know your image caption has 17 May “2019”. I saw John Lennon many times at The Cavern and would have loved to visit your Double Fantasy exhibition but too far away.

  6. Karen Steward says:

    Is the exhibition open every day with no limits?

    • Andrew Bullock says:

      Hi Karen, it is open 10am – 5pm, seven days a week. It is free but during busy periods you might have to queue.

  7. Mike Jefferies says:

    Visited the exhibition on the 28th june and it sent shivers down my spine. We had visited john’s house at mendips on the previous tuesday so really felt the connection of both.The layout of the exhibition was brilliantly done with some sections sending goosebumps all over the body. The imagine video was definately a nice moment, letting your thoughts run wild listening to the lyrics. The postscript comments wall was crammed with personal thoughts from people who obviously loved John and Yoko. This is a must be seen exhibition for anyone visiting Liverpool in the forth coming year. Well done to all concerned within the Liverpool Museum and many thanks to Yoko and Sean for giving us an insight of thier lives before John was sadly taken from them and us.

  8. Jonathan says:

    An exhibition clearly created with much love.Emotional.

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