Giant stories all year round in our Titanic exhibition!

3 October 2018 by Sam

Enormous wooden puppet of a diver, standing in the water by the Albert Dock

The Giant first arrived in Salthouse Dock back in April 2012. Photo © Pete Carr

With the discovery of a mysterious giant sandal last night, which is now suspended over the Canning Dock nearby, anticipation is building for the Giant Spectacular event in Liverpool this weekend. This will be the third and final time that the Royal de Luxe will take over the city to enchant and delight us with their epic tales. However did you know that their first visit to Liverpool back in 2012 was inspired by a simple letter from our Maritime Archives

In April 2012 we woke up to find the Giant partly submerged in Salthouse Dock. He spent the weekend searching the city for the Little Girl Giant and her cheeky dog Xolo, in order to give her a letter from her father, who had been lost on the Titanic. Their reunion at the end of the weekend was a truly magical and emotional experience, watched by enormous crowds at the waterfront.

The story was inspired by a tragic letter sent 100 years ago by May Louise McMurray to her father William McMurray, a first class bedroom steward on the Titanic. The letter arrived in Southampton after Titanic had sailed so it was returned to the family. William, born in Birkenhead, did not survive the sinking.

Hand written letter

Extract from May Louise McMurray’s letter to her father. You can read the full transcript below.

The McMurrays are just one of the local families affected by the sinking of the Titanic who are featured in the exhibition Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story at Merseyside Maritime Museum. Origially opened to mark the centenary of the sinking, the exhibition has been a big draw for visitors ever since.

This year, the Giant, Xolo the dog and a new Little Boy Giant are roaming the streets of Liverpool and New Brighton from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 October and we can’t wait to see what they get up to on their adventures. The Little Girl Giant is not accompanying them this time, but you can read about the girl who inspired her first Liverpool adventure in the Titanic and Liverpool exhibition, so her spirit will always live on there!

Don’t forget if you are visiting us between Friday 5 and Sunday 7 October to plan your journey carefully and allow extra time as there are a number of road closures and changes to public transport which will affect the waterfront area. Check the Getting here page of our website for further details.

Transcript of May Louise McMurray’s letter (including errors as written)

60 Empress Road


Dear Father

It seems ages since I last seen you. I wish we where in Southampton with you it is very lonely without you Dear Father I have not been so very well I have had a a [sic] bad throat hoping I will soon get better for Mama worries so much little Ernie as not been so well but he as got better now hoping you are keeping well dada so ta love from Ivy and and [sic] Ernie thank dada for the presents love from all dada hoping to see you soon with love from Ivy and May and Ernie xxxxxxxxxx kisses for dada x

Dada this is my first letter

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