Quieter mornings at the Walker Art Gallery

2 November 2018 by Ann

A friendly welcome awaits you at the Walker

Did you know we’ve been running a programme of relaxed sessions for visitors with Autism and learning disabilities across our museums and galleries?

As part of our work with Autism Together and Autism in Museums we’ve been learning what we need to do to extend our welcome to visitors with Autism and learning disabilities, their friends and families.  As a result we’ve started hosting regular events which you can find on our website and written a series of Welcome Guides for our museums and galleries which aim to take the guess work out of a visit and seek to answer some of our most frequently asked questions which arise when anyone is thinking about visiting.  You can view and download a guide before you visit or borrow one from the information desk during a visit.

At the Walker Art Gallery we provide a space for visitors, and their families, one morning a month in Big Art for Little Artists.  Having proven successful we have expanded these ‘Quiet mornings’ to include the entire gallery, with the introduction of Visitor Assistants with puppets. These are intended to offer visitors with anxiety a friendly face to approach if they find it a challenge approaching our human colleagues. It’s important to note you don’t have to be quiet to attend a quieter morning it’s just a time when we tend to be less busy!

What’s most important to us is that visitors feel welcome in all of our venues.  If you have any concerns about visiting please contact us in advance using the contact details in our Welcome guides.  Your feedback is so important to us so let us know what works, and anything that doesn’t, as we’re keen to keep learning with you.

Our next session at Walker Art Gallery takes place on Sunday 4 November 2018 and will run on the first Sunday of the month from 10am – 12noon. To find out more about these and Quiet mornings at other venues, please visit:

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