Don’t be fooled by fakes this Christmas!

7 December 2018 by Lisa Middleton

make up with 'Fake' stamped over the image

As the festive shopping frenzy continues, staff at the Seized! gallery are warning people not to be fooled by fakes.

The Seized! gallery – based in the Merseyside Maritime Museum at the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool – includes fakes that have been seized by the Border Force, from lice-infested make up brushes to rubbish electricals, fake goods are not the presents you want this Christmas.

The lure of fake goods is that they’re often cheaper. They’re invariably made to look like the real thing, but in the case of electronics, they won’t contain the same parts or be built to EU safety standards, which can be dangerous. We have make up brushes seized by the UK Border Force, closer inspection of which found that they contained rat droppings and were lice-infested. Definitely not something you’d want to find in your Christmas stocking!

designer trainers with 'Fake' stamped over the imageWhen buying presents, perhaps online or in the pub, we want visitors to think; if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is. Fakes come with additional unseen costs, not least, they fund criminal activity.

Get up close to fakes, including a fake designer coat with fur hood, this weekend at our Customs Contraband sessions from 1-4pm on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December 2018, and also on Saturday 5 January 2019.

Discover more in the Seized! gallery. Visitors can enter the world of the Border Force officers – a dark and unseen world of intrigue and danger. Displays on fakes, smuggling and endangered species, plus loads of hands-on activities and free events makes for a lively, engaging, fun and free day out for all the family this festive season.

designer bag with 'Fake' stamped over the image

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