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Work Experience Report

17 April 2012 by volunteer

Below, James tells us all about his work experience with our Decorative Arts department. Over to James…

“I’m James and I’m a Year 10 student at King David High School in Liverpool. I spent a week on work experience at NML, in the Decorative Art department, and it has been brilliant. I came here not knowing what to expect and ended up having a great time. I found that my enjoyment for history, which I’m studying for my GCSE, helped greatly. I most enjoyed handling the objects and being able to connect with them. I documented information I had collected on the toys and costume and where I had re stored them. I also enjoyed going to the Walker Art Gallery and Sudley House as I had never been to these places before. I realised that I was interested in silver and ceramics even though I’d never had a chance to look at them closely before. I particularly enjoyed sorting the toys and moving them about. I found all the collections really interesting and stimulating. Read more…

Volunteers Achieve Stewart Bale Success

20 December 2011 by volunteer

Group of volunteers cleaning negatives

Stewart Bale Volunteers: Hard at work helping to clean glass plate negatives.

Ann Stewart; Head of Framing, Paper and Paintings Conservation tells us a bit more about the wonderful work our Stewart Bale Volunteers have achieved this past year…

“Based in the paper conservation studio, a volunteer project to clean and re-house glass plate negatives from the Stewart Bale collection began in March this year.

Mainly due to the poor condition of the original packaging, most of these images haven’t been seen since the collection came to us. Read more…

Experiencing the world of museum work!

11 July 2011 by volunteer

Work experience student carrying our administration work in office

Caitlin busy during her work experience.

Caitlin from Chesterfield High School is currently in the middle of her work experience at National Museums Liverpool. Below, Caitlin tells us what she has done so far…

“My name is Caitlin, during my two week work experience I have been in many departments in National Museums Liverpool. I wanted to do my work experience here because I’m interested in history and wanted to see if a career in museums was for me. As well as learning new skills in the office, which will be useful for me in the future; I have taken part in meetings regarding upcoming exhibitions and spent a day in Decorative Arts, where I handled objects and witnessed the problems and work that goes into creating a new exhibition. Read more…

Interacting with Art

11 April 2011 by volunteer

Volunteer visiting the Walker Art Gallery

Emma in the new British Art 1880-1950 gallery, Walker Art Gallery.

Emma, one of our brilliant volunteers is currently working towards gaining her Bronze Arts Award. As part of her project, Emma visited the newly opened British Art 1880-1950 gallery at our very own Walker Art Gallery. Here is Emma’s review…

“I recently visited the newly refurbished Room Eleven gallery space at the Walker Art Gallery. It is home to the British Art 1880-1950 collection which includes pieces by artists such as L S Lowry, Lucian Freud and Roger Fry, to name but a few. The collection brings together a range of different types of art, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics and furniture. The room is split into sections, with the art works in each section linked by one of four themes; Finding a Modern Style, War Artists, Close to Nature, and Materials, Colours and Processes. I found the collection to be highly accessible – there is something for almost everyone, whether it be drawing one of the jugs on display, examining the textures achieved by different glazes on ceramics, or the reading about the individual pieces in the collection. Read more…

The v Big Celebration!

4 April 2011 by volunteer

A large group of volunteers and staff at a celebration event in World Museum

The v Big Celebration at World Museum

Last Thursday, the Volunteers team, youth volunteers and members of staff came together to celebrate the end of their vinvolved youth volunteering project; at the ‘v Big Celebration’ in World Museum. The past three years have been incredibly successful and we have created over 350 volunteer opportunities for young people aged 16-25. We also created a Youth Volunteering Steering Group (Mersey v’s) which have been integral in helping to shape volunteer opportunities and projects and provide a good sounding board for marketing and evaluation.
During our project, we worked with over 200 young volunteers and issued 119 v50 Award certificates, that equates to almost 6000 volunteer hours – and that’s only including the certificated hours! We have also seen 20 young people achieve their Bronze Arts Award – gaining an accredited qualification in the process. In terms of awards; our vinvolved project gained REACH accreditation, we were shortlisted at the Young Partners Awards and most recently awarded the Unite Award for Team Activity in the North West at the National vinvolved awards for our Discovery Volunteers project. Read more…

Volunteer? Beleiber? Or Both?

4 April 2011 by volunteer

Group of nine youth volunteers at awards ceremony in London

Discovery Volunteers in London l-r: Tom, Andrew, Helen, Sophie, Richard, Caroline, Sam, Ryan and Tara

Richard, a regular volunteer at World Museum tells us what it was like to attend the recent vinspired Awards in London. Richard and his fellow volunteers represented the Discovery Volunteers programme which received the regional Unite award for teamwork.

“On the 17th March 2011, nine discovery volunteers were selected to attend the prestigious vinspired Awards 2011 at the 02 Arena in London. Spending the night over at the Holiday Inn Express, the volunteers quickly settled in to frankly the “good life;” although at times, it became apparent that some of us were used to the pampering (and frankly abused it at times), whereas some struggled to…adapt. Read more…

Read all about it…

29 March 2011 by volunteer

Group of youth volunteers with their mentor

Newsletter Volunteers l-r: Emily, Charlotte, Hasan, Stephen, Roz, Hannah, Michelle (mentor) and Ashley

Youth volunteer, Emily, has recently volunteered on a group project to produce a volunteer newsletter for all our museum volunteers and staff. Here’s her report on their project…

‘Since October 2010 I’ve been taking part in a volunteer newsletter project. Aimed at 16-25 year olds it was in partnership with Media Trust. Meeting weekly, we created a newsletter which would both inform and entertain its readers. The group were also working towards a Bronze Arts Award which is a national qualification. The project was mentored by Michelle Fiddler who is a journalist for the Liverpool Echo. Read more…

Volunteers Stop the Press!

14 January 2011 by volunteer

Group of volunteers talking to each other

Our Newsletter Volunteers and mentor; planning their first edition of ‘Volunteers In Print’

Since October 2010, a small group of youth volunteers have been meeting weekly to help put together the first National Museums Liverpool volunteer newsletter.

They each took on different roles; carrying out interviews, reviewing exhibitions and putting together stories that would feature in the newsletter.

The group also worked alongside Michelle Fiddler, a journalist from the Liverpool Echo who has helped mentor the volunteers throughout the project; sharing her background and experiences with them.

We hope to have the first edition of our newsletter out very soon and we can exclusively reveal its title will be ‘Volunteers In Print’. There will be lots of stories and opportunities to publicise what our brilliant volunteers get up to both front of house and behind the scenes, so it should hopefully make for a fun and informative read! Read more…

Volunteers fly the flag in London!

10 December 2010 by volunteer

5 young people at an awards ceremony

l-r: Youth volunteers; Caroline, Tara, Richard, Ben & Emma.

Last week, the Volunteers team along with a group of young volunteers attended the prestigious NCVYS Young Partners Awards 2010.

We were thrilled to have been shortlisted as one of three organisations in the North in the running for winning an award, to celebrate ‘young people’s involvement in decision making within voluntary and community youth organisations or projects’.

Richard Wan, one of the youth volunteers who attended the awards gives us an overview of the day… Read more…

A real experience…

10 December 2010 by volunteer


My name is Jess and I have been on work experience at National Museums Liverpool (NML) for two weeks. When I chose NML as my placement for work experience, I didn’t really know what to expect, however I have really enjoyed my time here and all that I have done. During my first week, I was based in Human Resources working alongside the volunteer team. I helped with general office duties, and assisted in preparing for the event due to take place at the end of the week in the World Museum, ‘Dinomania’.

Thursday of that week saw the first day of Dinomania. I worked with the volunteers doing arts and crafts with children, making badges, masks and colouring in. The children had lots of fun making the masks and frightening their teachers and friends. The event was popular with many families and primary schools attending. On Friday I again joined the volunteers in the World Museum.

On the Tuesday of my second week I was based in the Weston Discovery centre in the World Museum, observing Egypt school sessions. I learnt much from the children that I had forgotten since primary school! The sessions were interesting and the children clearly enjoyed themselves. I also spent quite a while exploring the museum. It has been a long time since I have been – I forgot how much there was to look at! Wednesday I was again up in Human Resources. I attended the Volunteer meeting with the Mersey V’s. They were planning for an event to be held in April to celebrate the end of their volunteer project. I got an insight into just how much there is to think about when planning such an event. On Thursday I was based in the Walker Art Gallery. Read more…

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