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Fighting for Human Rights

23 October 2012 by Karen

Emma Duffy is our internal communication officer. She attended the recent FIHRM conference and these are her thoughts on what she saw:

Recently the International Slavery Museum hosted the third Federation of International Human Rights Museums conference (FIHRM) with delegates attending from across the globe including Mongolia, Gambia, Mexico, Nigeria and Vietnam. I was honoured to attend the second day of the two-day conference and was enthralled by the diversity of topics discussed.

I was particularly moved by Ben Osu’s presentation (Community Engagement Officer for Your Housing Group). He discussed the heartbreaking and abhorrent story of Malala, the fourteen year old from Pakistan who was recently shot in the head and left for dead by the Taliban for writing a blog and opposing the regime.
Read more…

Campaign Zone opens at the International Slavery Museum

10 September 2010 by Sam

man in museum gallery

Stephen Carl-Lokko at the entrance of the new Campaign Zone

As you will no doubt be aware the International Slavery Museum has never been content just to reflect on the history of the transatlantic slave trade, its abolition and legacies. Anyone who has read the excellent blog posts by the head of the museum Richard Benjamin will know that it is an active campaigning museum which works to raise awareness of modern forms of slavery and how people can help in the fight against them.

This has led the museum to hold the Trafficked exhibition and acquire and exhibit thought provoking items such as the ankle bracelets worn by modern day slaves and the artwork ‘Missing’ (2007) by Rachel Wilberforce, all of which are currently on display. Read more…

News from the Grand Rue

10 February 2010 by Richard

Man holding a bracelet

International Slavery Museum collections development officer Stephen Carl-Lokko with ankle bracelet from Niger


I am sure most people like myself and the staff at International Slavery Museum have been keeping up-to-date with the unfolding humanitarian tragedy in Haiti, a result of the catastrophic earthquake on 12 January. Out of this disaster we received some welcome good news recently that one of the Haitian artists involved with the Freedom! sculpture on display in the museum, Guyodo (Frantz Jacques), along with his family, are fine, as well as several colleagues from the Grand Rue artists collective, but sadly his home was destroyed. We are currently looking to develop a long-term sustainable partnership with Haiti, possibly with an artists collective. Due to the imagination and creativity of Haitian artists this is a real possibility. Interestingly the Ghetto Biennale was held in Grand Rue in December which is a fascinating project and a good starting point for any future collaboration. Read more…

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