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Mapping Memory at Doreen’s Cafe

19 October 2010 by Laura B

The Mapping Memory project team ran an impromptu workshop at Doreen’s Cafe last month, focusing on the local community around the Park Lane area. Local residents helped recreate the neighbourhood for the team by using a map to plot interesting landmarks from the past. The resulting picture was of a bustling community during the 1950s and 60s, with many popular local pubs, shops and cafes along Park Lane. Pubs in particular seemed to be a dominant feature of the area, with several dotted along the road, including ‘The Long Haul’, ‘The Lord D Tabley’ and ‘The Lettuce.’ With all the pubs long since demolished it was a great opportunity to capture memories of the area as it once was. Read more…

Mapping Memory

19 August 2010 by Laura B

Last month the ‘Mapping Memory: L1 and Liverpool’s central waterfront’ project began with its first workshop, kindly attended by the Liverpool Women’s History Group. The aim of the project is to explore memories of the L1 area during the 1950s, 60s and 70s and the Women’s History Group certainly provided an abundance of lively and interesting memories and stories for our researchers to collect.

The workshop started by asking the ladies to trace a particular route they would take through the L1 and central waterfront area, revealing a clustering around places such as Lord Street, Paradise Street and London Road. As the session progressed an array of collective memories showed how women used urban space during the twentieth century and the areas of the city which have created the most powerful and resilient memories over the years. Read more…

Sailortown – share your memories

21 May 2010 by Sam

Baltic Fleet pub and construction work along Liverpool's dock road
  • Did you live or work in the area behind the South Docks at any time from the end of the Second World War to the 1970s?
  • Do you remember the Sailor’s Home?
  • Do you remember the pubs, the ships’ stores dealers, the tailors’ shops?

If the answer is yes then we’d like to hear from you. Historians, museum curators and film makers are collaborating on a new public history project: Mapping memory – L1 and Liverpool’s central waterfront, 1950s-1970s.

We’d like to collect memories from people who worked in small businesses, warehouses, shops or pubs, and in the port itself. We also want to hear from people who grew up in this area, or who remember their parents and older relatives working there.

If you would like to take part we are holding a drop-in session at Merseyside Maritime Museum on Saturday 29 May, 1-4pm. Further details are in the Events and activities listings on the website Read more…

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