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Pre-Raphaelites sent packing: a letter from Ford Madox Brown

5 May 2016 by Felicity

Ford Madoz Brown's 'Coat of Many Colours', which can be seen in the Walker Art Gallery's Pre-Raphaelite exhibition

Ford Madox Brown’s ‘Coat of Many Colours’ can be seen in the Walker Art Gallery’s exhibition, ‘Pre-Raphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion’

When they weren’t painting pictures, the Pre-Raphaelites wrote a lot of letters. It’s thanks to these that we can get an insight into their characters, learn details about their paintings and, as a bonus, experience the quality of their handwriting. In the blog post, Ann Bukantas, Head of Fine Art at National Museums Liverpool, shares Ford Madox Brown’s letter to art collector George Rae: Read more…

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