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Waves on the Mersey

15 February 2013 by Lucy

image of a giant radio

The Waves on the Mersey team with the giant radio located at the Museum of Liverpool

Hurrah for half term! Aside from all the great half term events that are taking place at our venues next week, we are also set for some radio interference across the city from 18 – 22 February.

Waves on the Mersey is a project that has been created by Open the Door Theatre in Education, who are bringing five giant radios into the city to broadcast documentaries about major historical events that have shaped Liverpool’s history.

The documentaries have been created by young people between the ages of 14 and 21, who have researched, interviewed and devised radio shows and plays on each topic. They have also decorated the radios, which will be located at five locations around the city, broadcasting a different documentary every day. Read more…

Desperate Sudley Wives

12 December 2011 by Stephen

Big dress

Sudley House in Mossley Hill, Liverpool, was the home of Victorian shipowner George Holt who amassed a huge fortune as one of the proprietors of Lamport & Holt.

Despite his wealth, he was a modest man who did not go in for lavish entertainment. He was married with one daughter and the family were not ones to splash the cash on themselves.

In fact, they were among Liverpool’s greatest philanthropists and gave away most of what they acquired – including Sudley House. Read more…

1984 – We need your help!

5 October 2010 by Lucy

The Museum of Liverpool is due to open next summer, 2011, and curators need your help!

One of the star features of the new museum will be an immersive film, taking visitors right into the heart of the city’s passion for football, exploring our unique connections to the game.

We are currently in the process of filming sequences for the film, and in order for it to be as authentic as possible, we need to borrow certain things. Read more…

Our man in the TARDIS

25 June 2010 by Sam

man being interviewed in front of a green screen

Ian kept an eye out for Daleks during his interview

I was very impressed when curator of maritime history Ian Murphy told me that he’d been filmed for Doctor Who. Unfortunately he wasn’t part of tomorrow’s big series finale so can’t shed any light on what’s in store there. Instead his expertise was required to help with a previous episode. He explained:

“I interviewed in Birmingham on the subject of ‘maritime mysteries’ for a short feature that will be used as a DVD extra for Doctor Who. It’s for a re-release of an old John Pertwee episode from the 1970s, but I’m under orders not to reveal the episode title. The interview was based around disappearing ships and the DVD should appear sometime next year.”

Whet your appetite for Liverpool Light Night

12 May 2010 by David

Accordionist Helen Maher brought some distinctive French style to the Walker Art Gallery today as filming took place for an item on tonight’s edition of BBC North-West Tonight (or ‘Nord-ouest ce soir’ if you like) for the upcoming exhibition High Kicks and Low Life: Toulouse-Lautrec prints, which opens this Friday.

A woman playing an accordion in a gallery with classical statues and sculptures

Accordionist Helen Maher in the Sculpture Gallery of the Walker Art Gallery © National Museums Liverpool

Helen will be just one of the many musicians taking part in a special Musicians’ Gallery as part of Art à la Carte, the Walker Art Gallery’s event as part of Liverpool Light Night 2010.

The French-themed event will also include the band Deadbelgian with tributes to Jacques Brel, jazz from Snake Oil Jass, and the Liverpool Guitar Society with music by the quintessential French composers Debussy, Satie and Ravel.

Visitors to Light Night at the Walker will be amongst the first to see the new Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition, along with being able to browse all of the Walker’s galleries, go on gallery tours, listen to French and English poetry readings and have French food in the Walker café. Download the full programme (pdf).

The gallery will be open until 10.30pm and admission is free. Vous y voir! Read more…

Ince Athena statue on BBC’s ‘A History of the World’

22 January 2010 by Lisa

Today’s object featured on Radio Merseyside for the BBC’s ‘A History of the World’ project, is the Ince Athena statue from our Classical collections. You will be able to hear Gina Muskett, curator of classical antiquities, talking about the statue on ‘listen again’ here. Here is Gina to tell us more about this beautiful and statuesque sculpture!

White statue of a woman

The Ince Athena statue

I’ve been a curator at World Museum for less than six months, and so many exciting things have happened in such a short time. As well as a new gallery opening for a display of the museum’s collection of Greek objects, I was so pleased when Athena was chosen as one of the objects for the BBC’s ‘A History of the World’ project.

The statue has brilliant links with the local area, as it used to belong to Henry Blundell, who lived at Ince Blundell Hall. Many of you will have seen the entrance to the hall when travelling by road from Liverpool to Southport. We’ve just had an anniversary too – in 2009 it was 50 years since the statues came to the then Liverpool Museum, as a gift.

I’m so lucky to be the curator of the ‘Ince Athena’ statue. I knew about her (yes, I know the statue’s not a real human!) even before I worked at World Museum. I visited the museum a lot when I was a student, and can remember seeing Athena in the old Ancient World gallery, and am really pleased that she’s going back on display again. Read more…

Dodo Done

21 January 2010 by Stephen

Woman holding a brown Dodo skeleton

Dr Clem Fisher and the Dodo skeleton

I’m not a great pigeon fancier but I do have a soft spot for the biggest of this breed – the long-dead Dodo. Depending on what you believe, the flightless bird waddled or strutted into history around 1693 when it was wiped off the face of the earth.

There is a very rare skeleton of a Dodo temporarily on display at World Museum. It is going to be featured on Radio Merseyside at 8.20 am on Monday 25 January 2010 as part of the BBC’s exciting series, A History of the World. Our picture shows curator of vertebrate zoology Dr Clem Fisher, who was recently interviewed for the show, with the incomplete composite skeleton. It has been in our collection since 1866 and has not been on display for at least 40 years. Read more…

See inside the Museum of Liverpool

1 December 2009 by Karen

Yesterday’s edition of Flog It! came from Liverpool and included some behind the scenes peeks at the Museum of Liverpool.  Host, Paul Martin, took a tour of the building with building operations manager, Martin Hemmings (who took most of the shots on the museum’s Flickr set), and chatted with transport curator, Sharon Brown, in the Liverpool Overhead Railway carriage.

The episode is available on the BBC iplayer until the evening of Monday 7 December.

Flogged it!

16 November 2009 by Stephen

Two smiling men being filmed at a dock

Presenter, Paul Martin, and I at the Albert Dock

My appearance on the popular BBC 2 afternoon auction show Flog It! was broadcast on Wednesday – recorded on the Albert Dock with presenter Paul Martin.

It was shot back in April when the crew spent the day at three separate locations. My main role was setting up and supervising the BBC’s visit. The six minutes of screen time took almost three hours, including setting up the camera and getting the angles right.

Our picture shows Paul and I with the Merseyside Maritime Museum in the background – the chap in the front holds an enormous collapsible reflector which aims to literally put us in the best possible light. Read more…

Flog It!

2 September 2009 by Karen

If you like a peek behind the scenes – and who doesn’t – tune in to BBC2 tomorrow (Thurs 3 September) at 3.45pm for Flog It! There’s a visit to the new Museum of Liverpool with a preview of some of the objects that will be featuring on the galleries. It’s also available on BBC HD at 6.30pm later that day. And if you miss it you can always catch it on BBC iplayer.

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