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Artist Marcus Coates at the Walker Art Gallery- free event

21 October 2010 by Laura

It is that time of year again when the shops are packed with witches and warlock costumes. I for one have shunned mass-produced costumes and favoured a more DIY aesthetic. Over the years I have taken great pride in my costumes, which although a bit rough around the edges, were usually unique and a bit of a conversation-starter. However I have never had the pleasure of going to a party with artist Marcus Coates, who I fear may have a costume wardrobe to outshine my own. Read more…

All ready for the Liverpool Biennial!

14 September 2010 by Lisa

Detail of a brightly coloured oil painting

Detail of ‘For Your Pleasure’ by Philip Diggle, one of the 45 shortlisted artists for the John Moores Painting Prize exhibition.

We have a wealth of exciting art on display for you during the LiverpolBiennial from Saturday 18 September – 28 November 2010. Most exhibitions will be on show at the Walker Art Gallery. With everything from full exhibtions of contemporary paintings to individual video installation pieces, you can explore a variety of mediums that make up contemporary art today.

All the following exhibtions and one-off pieces will be on show during the Biennial and some will continue beyond this period: Read more…

A Shaman arrives at the Walker…

30 July 2010 by Lisa

Man dressed in a deer skin, shouting in front of an audience

Journey to the Lower World, Coot 2004, by Marcus Coates. Photography by Nick David. Courtesy of Kate MacGarry and Workplace Gallery.

Both funny and touching, ‘Journey to the Lower World’, a film artwork by the influential contemporary artist Marcus Coates,  became part of the Walker Art Gallery’s collections in 2010.

It is a major piece of work by Coates and was bought by the gallery with the help of the Contemporary Art Society’s Acquisitions Scheme. The film was an exciting addition to the gallery’s internationally renowned collection. The work arose from ‘Further Up in the Air’, a residency programme for artists in Liverpool’s Sheil Park estate in 2003. Read more…

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