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Curious dogs, venomous vipers and a truck full of samples

24 July 2015 by Paula

The rugged coast along the road to Matelot.

The rugged coast along the road to Matelot.

Joanna Ostapkowicz, Curator of the Americas, collection continues her journey through Trinidad, here is her latest update:

Day 2: Curious dogs, venomous vipers and a truck full of samples – a hike in North East Trinidad

This is rainy season in Trinidad: not only did we benefit from another day of overcast skies, but the heavens did open for a short time – and there is nothing like a tropical shower to cool you down after a bit of humid forest trekking. Read more…

Continuing the Journey

23 July 2015 by Lucy Johnson

Photograph of Clint Agard, who contributed to the project

Clint Agard – project contributor

Continuing the Journey at the International Slavery Museum gives an insight into experiences of racism in Merseyside. Leila Romaya from Stray Cat Media tell us more about the project and how it developed…

” ‘Racism is a cancer on this earth’ said one contributor to the project, poet and urban griot Levi Tafari. Continuing the Journey provides a powerful platform that acknowledges the racism that people of African and Caribbean heritage have experienced and continue to experience.

The project’s aim was to give contributors a voice to share their often painful and traumatic experiences of racism through film, photography and audio recordings, as well as offering a wider platform for learning, discussion and debate so that we can work together towards a more cohesive, respectful and accepting future in which illogical racial and cultural stereotypes have no place in our lives.  Read more…

A creative summer awaits…

22 July 2015 by Ann

Activity Rms 14 Feb 2010 131

The school bell has rung for the final time and the kids have come home from school laden with PE kits, awards and enormous smiles.  Now it’s over to you to entertain them for the next SIX weeks…  Read more…

“Intense, complex and immensely fun” – installing Mayas: Revelation of an Endless Time at World Museum

22 July 2015 by Felicity

Image of Penelope Arque in the Mayas exhibition

Penelope Arque takes in the finished exhibition

World Museum’s new exhibition, Mayas: Revelation of an Endless Time, is the largest temporary exhibition that the Museum has ever hosted. In this blog post, Penelope Arque tells us about the role she played in the project team:

“When you decide to study a degree specialising in Maya art and architecture you do it for the love of the art and deep admiration of a civilisation. If you had told me fifteen years ago as I trekked through dense jungle towards the ancient ruins of Yaxchilán that one day I would be working on the largest Maya exhibition this country has ever hosted, I would never have believed you. But that is exactly what happened. Read more…

A wee tale from the ‘poop’ deck

21 July 2015 by Jen

Cropped for blog resized

Box of Bromo toilet paper. Accession number 1986.210.194

Part of my job as an Assistant Curator that I’ve absolutely loved is working in the museum stores with our fantastic collections. Sometimes though, due to the vast size of these collections, we come across some rather unexpected items. Such as toilet paper…

This item dates from the late 19th or early 20th century and was a popular brand in its day. The paper inside the box is in individual sheets, rather than the rolls we’re now familiar with, and its texture is not dissimilar to that of a paperback novel… despite it’s claims to being ‘soft and strong’ I suspect most of us would be reluctant to give it a home in our bathrooms today!

So why does the Maritime Museum have this absorbing item? Had collecting standards gone down the pan? Should we be flushed with embarrassment at this seemingly non-maritime object sneaking into our collections?  Read more…

Cocoa, mango and the generous Trini spirit

20 July 2015 by Paula

Doux-doux - the sweetest of mangos

Doux-doux – the sweetest of mangos – though Trinidad has a huge variety of mangos, and everyone has their own preference, often hotly contested.

This is the second blog in the series from Joanna Ostapkowicz, Curator of the Americas collection at World Museum.

“Day 1: Cocoa, mango and the generous Trini spirit: Herbarium collecting in Eastern Trinidad

Overcast days are a blessing when fieldworking in Trinidad – and indeed any part of the Caribbean: the heat and humidity can knock even the locals back. Read more…

Treasure acquired for the region!

20 July 2015 by Liz

old brooches

Brooches from the Knutsford Hoard

Great news! The Museum of Liverpool and Congleton Museum have received £65,400 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for an exciting project that will help to acquire two locally-discovered hoards of Roman treasure.

The Hoards of Cheshire project will enable us to acquire the Knutsford and Malpas hoards for the region, and create a small exhibition around them, which will tour. Read more…

The connection between living trees and Trinidad’s prehistory

17 July 2015 by Paula

A medium-sized specimen of Andira sp., growing in the forest reserves of Tamana, Eastern Trinidad. These trees can grow up to 100 feet in height.

A medium-sized specimen of Andira sp., growing in the forest reserves of Tamana, Eastern Trinidad. These trees can grow up to 100 feet in height.

Joanna Ostapkowicz, Curator of the Americas collections for World Museum, has sent us this Blog post about her trip to Trinidad and the work she in undertaking.

“The 4×4 rattled down the dirt road surrounded by the lush vegetation of Tamana, Eastern Trinidad, coming to a stop when forestry officer Harris Soukiel gave the word that one of ‘our’ trees had been sighted: Andira sp. (common name: Angelin).  Read more…

Summer fun for young archaeologists!

16 July 2015 by Liz

children in a workshop with a woman in period clothing

School’s out for the summer next week! If you’re looking for an interesting way for your child (aged 8-17) to spend a few days over the holidays, try our Young Archaeologists’ Club summer school workshops!

Tuesday 28 July 2015: Sheep to Shirt
A day of hand-on activities to explore what people wore in the past and how things were made: dyed, woven, braided, and sewn! How did the Vikings wash their socks? Why were nettles so important in clothing? Read more…

Launching this Autumn: Destination Space at World Museum!

15 July 2015 by Felicity

Image of Tim Peake, the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut

Tim Peake, the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut © European Space Agency

This week, we’ve been able to reveal some very exciting news! World Museum has joined forces with the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, Tim Peake, to run a fantastic new programme at the Museum, providing children and families with an opportunity to learn all about human space flight and follow life on the International Space Station.

We’re one of 20 centres taking part in the national programme, called ‘Destination Space’, which is backed by the UK Space Agency. Last night, Tim Peake officially announced the programme at the UK Space Conference 2015, held here in Liverpool! Read more…

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