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Britannia Rule the Roads

5 October 2006 by Karen

a large statue of Britannia on the back of a truck on a busy road

Britannia on her way back to Crewe after a year in conservation

Yet more objects on the move (see previous posts), this time the statue of Britannia that Sam blogged a few weeks ago. When she saw it it was laid out and being conserved by a team from the National Conservation Centre. Yesterday it was hoisted onto the back of a flat bed truck (an operation that took two hours) and taken back to Crewe where it forms the centrepiece of the war memorial.

Even though I work in a museum I still love behind-the-scenes pictures and objects, so this one of Britannia gliding imperiously through Liverpool city centre, despite all the padding and ties, caught my eye.

Check out the Crewe and Nantwich website for more details on the statue.

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