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Titanic goes down

13 October 2006 by Sam

Staff in front of crane outside Merseyside Maritime Museum

Health and safety officer Colin Parr and Chris Moseley, head of ship models conservation, are pictured overseeing the move of the Titanic model this morning.

The model is shown carefully packaged, padded and protected from the elements (and icebergs) in the large crate that is being lifted by the crane behind them.

Moving it was quite a major operation, which involved wheeling the crated model from its old home in the former Floating Palaces gallery, out of a third floor window onto the specially constructed scaffolding. The crane then lifted it safely down.

The model will go back on display in the Merseyside Maritime Museum early next year, in a new gallery on the first floor about the Titanic, Lusitania and Empress of Ireland disasters.

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