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9 February 2007 by Sam

painting of embracing couple

‘An Idyll’ by Maurice Greiffenhagen

If you haven’t been in outer space you’ve probably noticed that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Wherever you turn in the shops you see hearts, cupids, chocolates and completely pointless fluffy pink things that men everywhere will buy in a panic minutes before closing time on 13 February.

Being a big soppy romantic myself (well maybe not, but I have my moments) I thought it’d be nice to gather together the most loved-up objects from our collections for a romantic online exhibition. So I asked the curators for ideas and what did they suggest? An obscene novel, a tale of bigamy, a pair of boots a painting of a tiff and nasty disease carrying bugs responsible for killing and maiming people in Central America, amongst other things. Hmmm. This could take years of therapy to sort out.

I guess it’s good to cater for the hardened cynics at this time of year, as their needs are so often neglected. Fret not though, we’ve also got some proper romance, including An Idyll, the painting that visualised the word passion, according to the author DH Lawrence.

An improved range of Valentine e-cards has also been launched on the website today, including John and Yoko’s ‘All You Need Is Love’ bedspread from their Montreal bed-in for peace, as a treat for Beatles fans out there. And don’t forget, if you’re stuck for an original present there’s still time to adopt an ant for your Val-ant-ine.

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