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Samurai welcomes millionth visitor (and his twin) to museum

14 February 2007 by Sam

Samurai roleplayer with twins outside museum

“Mum, the babysitter’s scaring me!”

Since opening its doors less than 2 years ago, World Museum Liverpool was poised to welcome its millionth visitor through the door this morning. Then, just to confuse us, twins Elliot and Joseph came in together.

We can’t tell them apart, or work out who was first, so the boys are sharing the joint honour. Museum demonstrator Claire Noble was there to greet them with goody bags, dressed as a Samurai warrior in an outfit from one of the Treasure House Theatre shows. She’s not as scary as she looks here, honest.

The boys, who come from Chorley, were on a day trip to Liverpool with their grandparents. They hadn’t been to the museum before and were looking forward to seeing the planetarium and dinosaurs.

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