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19 October 2007 by Sam

knitted bobble hats

Here’s yet another example of one of the creative endeavours that our staff are involved in after a hard day’s museuming. Every Thursday a small but dedicated group of past and present staff and volunteers known as the Knitwits meet up after work to knit, stitch and chat over a few drinks.

We’ve made a variety of scarves, socks, jumpers and (in true Generation Game style) cuddly toys over the last couple of years and have recently focussed our efforts on the Big Knit. This has involved knitting lots of little bobble hats to go on Innocent smoothie bottles. The behatted bottles go on sale next month and for every one sold 50p goes to Age Concern, who will use the money to support older people through the winter. They are hoping to get at least 400,000 hats. We packed ours up yesterday ready to send and it looks like we’ve got at least 100 towards that total.

Gathered together our little hats were quite a sight – sort of a miniature, colourful woolly version of the Chinese terracotta army. See what you think – have a look at a Flickr slideshow of our bobble hat army.

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