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Late night opening on Friday

9 January 2008 by Karen

photo of the outside of an neo-classical building. There is staging being assembled and men in hard hats.

The staging for Friday’s launch being built outside St George’s Hall

You can’t have failed to notice that Liverpool is European Capital of Culture this year. The official People’s Opening takes place this Friday, 11th January, at St George’s Hall plateau on Lime Street. Took a snap this morning to show you the progress made with staging. The blue containers seem to form a stage area at either end of the plateau with another stage in the centre. Also looks like there’s going to be staging around Steble Fountain, just outside the Walker.

As well as Ringo Starr on the roof and a community choir there’s also what the Liverpool 08 website is describing as, “an epic aerial ballet of dancing cranes, containers and scissor lifts, as Liverpool celebrates the transfromation of the ‘Big Dig’ into the ‘Big Gig'”. All kicks off at 8:08pm (20:08?)

To mark the occassion, and because we are literally a minute away from the main event, both the Walker Art Gallery and World Museum Liverpool will be staying open until 10pm, with last entry at 9.30pm which is also when the venue cafes and shops close. If you’re planning to take the kids to Big Art at the Walker we suggest you go early rather than later as it will be closing at 7.30pm.

The museum will be hosting a number of environmental organisations, which will complement the launch of an international school environmental project exploring climate change and disaster risk reduction.

And to cap it all there will be fireworks! Huzzah!

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