Lets hear it for the girls

10 March 2008 by Sam

Boy writing a list on a shelter wall - 'Laptop, clothes, blanket, food'

Here’s a report from Ann-marie Cassidy, our project worker for engaging refugees and asylum seekers, about some of this weekend’s activities.

“Saturday was International Women’s Day. This special day is celebrated every year on 8th March. Throughout the world thousands of events are held to inspire women and honour their achievements.

Here at World Museum Liverpool we celebrated International Women’s Day with a number of special activities.

We began in the atrium, with an activity called ‘Home Sweet Home?’ We erected a temporary shelter, which we hoped would represent the shelters often used by displaced people fleeing their homes in times of crisis. We wanted visitors to think about the things that were really important to them, by asking the question:

‘If you had three minutes to leave your home, what would you take with you?’

We asked visitors to write or draw their answers on the shelter. Answers ranged from the emotional: mum, dad, dog, rabbit; to the practical: tent, Swiss army knife, torch, matches; to the sentimental: photographs, jewellery. A number of people also said that they would bring their computer games – until their friends pointed out that there would be nowhere to plug in their computer! All in all, it was a very thought-provoking activity.

This was followed by a textile workshop with Maryam Patala, based on the textile piece Freedom – who’s set the borders? (currently on display on the World Cultures gallery). Visitors had the opportunity to improve their sewing skills and learn about the appliqué technique used by Maryam to create the piece.” 

You can see more photos of the ‘Home Sweet Home?’ shelter on our Flickr page.

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