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7 March 2008 by Karen

The second of what will hopefully be a monthly feature (prizes allowing) begins on Monday. Name that Object shows a new detail from an object in our collection every day for five days. Could be from any venue and any collection.  To win the prize all you have to do is identify the object and be the first to mail us the correct answer (use the ‘contact us’ form link on the competition page). As there’s only one prize – the rather excellent catalogue that accompanied the recent Joseph Wright of Derby in Liverpool exhibition – most of you will be ‘playing for fun’, and it is fun as you’ll discover if you check out last month’s game – bit of a warm up for you.

photo of a small yellow ceramic lamb on a desk

Hogarth in his new home

Here’s a snap of last month’s prize – a Superlambanana now christened Hogarth (I’ll leave you to figure out why) – happily ensconced in his new home. His new owner got the answer right on clue one so you’ll probably have to be there from kick off on Monday to be in with a chance. To make it a bit easier I’ll tell you it is a painting and it is featured on our website.

You can also play via the rss feed so there’s no chance of you missing a clue.

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