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21 August 2009 by Karen

We’re competition crazy round here at the moment, and here’s our latest offering – the caption competition! You probably already know the sketch. We show you an image (in this case a painting from our collections) and you come up with an amusing caption. This is the first pic (it’s actually called ‘What is it?’ by Henry Stacy Marks).

painting of people looking over a bridge wall to the river below

Post your entry as a comment (please keep them clean!) We’ll pick a winner next week who will receive a book of Cecil Beaton snaps (you can see it on Amazon – it’s nicer than the price suggests!) which ties in nicely with the Beaton exhibition currently at the Walker Art Gallery.

  1. Cheekablue says:

    First rule of bungee jumping: attach your rope to something…

  2. Linda Reed says:

    All I said was ‘Back a bit!’

  3. Maxine says:

    playing pooh sticks was not the most exciting spectator sport

  4. Rob Falconer says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t have called his bluff and yelled "Jump"

  5. carol says:


  6. Kay says:

    I can see the pub from here!

  7. Nick says:

    Call that spitting? THIS is spitting…

  8. Stu says:

    "Is that a shopping trolley?"

  9. Deborah says:

    "I SEE NO SHIPS"……………………..

  10. Valérie says:

    You’re right – the bridge does wobble when we all walk in step

  11. Born Toulouse says:

    The combined hen and stag party proved a roaring success until Geoffrey’s kebab ‘repeated’ on him.

  12. Ian Teeling says:

    "One day those warehouses around the dock down there will all be shops, bars, cafes and even a museum"

  13. Justine Teeling says:

    “Don’t be silly Jeremiah, ‘Coracle across the Mersey’ is a ridiculous name for a song!!!”, said Mrs Marsden.

  14. ken wilkinson says:

    "The X-Factor was so popular these hopefuls had been queuing since 1766."

  15. Diana Tackley says:

    O.K.then. ‘On the count of three’!

    Diana Tackley

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