We Love Liverpool

13 August 2009 by Lisa

A section of The Liverpool Cityscape.

Send us your memories about Liverpool!

Here at the Walker Art Gallery, in partnership with the University of Liverpool, we are launching an exciting new programme of adult and family events inspired by Ben Johnson’s ‘Liverpool Cityscape.’

Join us for cultural walks around the city or bring your little artists to Big Art and try out making collages inspired by this impressive panorama. Like all our events and exhibitions, it is all free!

We’d also like to hear about your memories, views and opinions of Liverpool past and present in our event; ‘We Love Liverpool’ taking place at the Walker.  All of the comments we get from you will be recorded to form a living history of the Liverpool.

If you can’t make it to the gallery you can still submit your memories by adding a blog comment below. So let us know what you think…

  1. John C. Davidek says:

    This is sort of unusual…I’ve never been to Liverpool. This summer I met a group of educators from Liverpool; they worked in some capacity at the Slavery, Resistance, Abolition Museum in Liverpool (not sure if I got the name correct). Anyway, we met while participating in a seminar on the transatlantic slave trade near Accra, Ghana.

    They were wonderful people! And they absolutely convinced me that Liverpool IS a destination must while in the U.K. Besides the obvious Beatles draw, the museums of Liverpool are something I want to see and experience. My wife, Svetlana (born and raised in Russia, actually the former U.S.S.R., has always wanted to visit London. After telling her about Liverpool, she is now sold on the idea of us visiting Liverpool too.

    So there it is…we, along with our 10-yr-old son, Ivan J.J., are sure to visit Liverpool in the near future! With my new friends being there, the Beatles thing (I’m the same age as McCartney), the famous museums, and everything else…we’re there!

  2. David Pollock says:

    I live in Wales and whenever we get people coming from Liverpool they always leave loads of litter everwhere – why are they like that?

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