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Mounting excitement before the next exhibition opens

14 September 2009 by Sam

lady wearing gloves by photographs on a table

Nicky Lewis examining original photographs by Stephen Shakeshaft in the paper conservation studio

In the build up to Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft, which opens in a few days, I have been posting some of the photographs that didn’t quite make it into the exhibition on the blog along with Stephen’s funny and insightful stories behind each one. But I’m sure you’re all dying to know about the pictures that are actually in the exhibition. One person who has seen them already is Nicky Lewis, who has mounted and framed them all ready for display. This included a few original prints, which required extra careful handling as she explains:

“After days spent mounting brand new prints of Stephen Shakeshaft’s work it was a real thrill to get my hands (gloved, of course!) on some of his original prints. All of his images have great stories to tell but there’s something quite special about seeing the real thing. The creases, tears and fingerprints, the scribbled notes and pencil lines to show where the image was to be cropped, all transport you to the desk of the newspaper photographer and that – I imagine – frantic time before that day’s newspaper went to print.

Although the images will be framed in a similar way to the copy prints I instantly have to think differently with original objects. We have a responsibility to not allow their condition to deteriorate any further. So I have chosen mounting materials that are acid free and controlled the amount of light that the photographs are exposed to, and will monitor them closely while they are on display. You can also take a closer look at them in the exhibition at the National Conservation Centre from Friday.”

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