The day of the triffids

16 June 2010 by Lisa

Here’s our Curator of Botany, Geraldine Reid, to tell us about a curious new arrival at the botany department…

Person inside an Octopus-like costume

Geraldine morphs into something strange…

Today started like any other and then suddenly a new acquisition arrived in the botany department. It was a costume from the performance piece ‘Grains of Paradise’ created by Adela Jones back in 2008. She used the botanical collections as inspiration for her costumes and piece, which was hosted by the Bluecoat and was part of ‘Fragrant’, which explored Liverpool’s Botanical Collection.

As you can see, after I unwrapped the costume I seemed to end up totally engulfed in it and almost turned into part of a living plant exhibit! I’m not quite sure what species I am meant to resemble, but as we’re celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010, maybe I’m morphing into a new species down in the basement of world museum…

  1. sue stanley says:

    Looking good Gez just don’t scare Rosemary

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