Meet 1 of the ‘42’ Women

25 February 2011 by Alison Cornmell

Next Thursday 3 March 2011 sees the official launch of photography exhibition 42’ Women of Sierra Leone at the International Slavery Museum. The exhibition of 42 colour photographs documents the lives of women of Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Members of the public are invited to attend the launch where there will be a special in-conversation event with photographer Lee Karen Stow and Rebecca Kamara, one of the women featured in the exhibition.

Guests are asked to arrive at the International Slavery Museum Campaign Zone at 1.30pm where refreshments are available.  From 2pm there will be an in-conversation event between Lee Karen Stow and Rebecca Kamara. Afterwards from 3.00pm guests have the opportunity to ask questions.

Spaces for this event are limited so please RSVP by Wednesday 2 March 2011 to or call 0151 478 4543

Young women kisses her baby boy on the nose

Rebecca Kamara from West Africa will launch ’42’ Women of Sierra Leone. Copyright Lee Karen Stow

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