Fur coats

23 March 2011 by Sarah Starkey

Newspaper advert of woman in fur coat and stuffed bear

Illustrated London News advert, reference DX/287.

For this blog post I am going to have to confess to being unable to come up with any maritime or current affairs link, I just found an image that was too good (or bad) not to share.  Archivists are not keen on accepting newspapers within collections because they are usually available in a well managed and coherent way in newspaper libraries.  I especially hate bundles of undated clippings from unidentified newspapers – ‘if you’re going to cut them out and keep them, at least include the date and source’, I mutter to long dead depositors.  Anyway, when a newspaper does pass our ruthless selection criteria the adverts and other stories are often more interesting than the reason the depositor carefully saved it.  This is especially true of our editions of the Illustrated London News. While I find maritime disasters as interesting as the next person (and in the Maritime Archives & Library, that means very interesting indeed), I couldn’t take my eyes off this fantastically awful advert for a furriers.  I’m not sure who looks more uncomfortable, but the woman, while being incredibly constricted by corsets, has the advantage of not being stuffed and mounted.

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