A is for Art

8 February 2012 by Laura

Child in gallery

Learning letters with An Alphabet by Peter Blake.

It’s the last chance to see Peter Blake’s An Alphabet at the Walker Art Gallery this weekend. Not only is it a display of 26 exquisite collages that draw upon Blake’s fascination with typography and popular culture, it is also an excellent place for toddlers learning to read, as I discovered on a trip to the gallery with my three year old.

‘Look mum an ‘A’… and a ‘B’… and a ‘curly C for cat’… and a ‘D’…’ and so on until all 26 letters were accounted for. ‘What shall we see next?’ I said. ‘Let’s do it again’ was the fairly predictable reply.

Luckily there is a well placed bench in the middle of the gallery, but if you are coming with your little alphabet-enthusiast maybe bring a pillow.

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