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Royal paintings at the Walker

31 May 2012 by Lynn

As it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend it seems fitting to pause regally to celebrate some of our favourite royal gems from the Walker Art Gallery

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – An 80th Birthday Portrait by Rolf Harris

Portrait of The Queen

© Rolf Harris Enterprises Ltd

This contemporary painting is on display until 12 August 2012, as part of our Rolf Harris exhibition ‘Can you tell what it is yet?’. This painting shows Queen Elizabeth II on her 80th birthday, which she celebrated in 2006. Rolf shows a relaxed side of The Queen, who smiles broadly in this colourful painting. 

Find out more about‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – An 80th Birthday Portrait by Rolf Harris’.

‘Queen Elizabeth 1, The Pelican Portrait’, Nicholas Hilliard

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I

So called because she is wearing a pelican brooch, this painting portrays Queen Elizabeth I almost as a religious icon, in stunning and ornate detail. 

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Portrait of Henry VIII, by unknown artist, after Hans Holbein

Portrait of Henry VIII

One of our most famous paintings is a portrait of Henry VIII, designed to strike terror into the hearts of his subjects! It depicts a rich and powerful Henry showing off his strength and authority. It was based on an original mural – the Whitehall Mural, painted by Hans Holbein in 1537, which was destroyed in a fire in 1698.

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