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Bank holiday barbeque at the waterfront

22 August 2013 by Stacey



Here’s a post from Ben Sheeran our Head Chef:

‘With Liverpool International Music Festival just around the corner I’m getting quite excited. I’m starting to plan and prepare the marinades for our August bank holiday weekend barbeque too which we are holding to coincide with the festival.

Although I can’t go and watch the bands myself, I’ll be working this weekend, I may actually have the best vantage point for the waterfront stages. As head chef for the museums my kitchen is situated on the 4th floor of the Maritime Museum just behind the Maritime Dining Rooms. As such I have one of the best views of the waterfront looking out towards the Three Graces. Most people I know are quite enviable of the views I enjoy on a daily basis. They certainly help inspire me with my recipes too. 

With all the activity happening at the waterfront this weekend –  including lots of free events for Liverpool International Music Festival at the museums – it gives me the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere, plus I’m a huge fan of barbequing. The right marinades can really tenderise and add flavour to the dish whatever you choose to cook so I’m starting to plan the ingredients and flavours today. Why not join us this Saturday and Sunday outside the Museum of Liverpool. Fingers crossed the weather holds up and we don’t get the traditional British bank holiday rain.


If you can’t make it this weekend or want to try a bank holiday barbeque at home, here’s my top recipe tip for a really delicious, quick and easy marinade for barbeque chicken legs

Marinates 8 chicken legs:

2 whole fresh red chilli

2 cloves of garlic

zest and juice of 2 limes

4 sprigs of fresh thyme

1 tsp of smoked paprika

2 tbsp vegetable oil

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blitz to a smooth paste, marinate the chicken legs overnight in the fridge.

Pre-cook the chicken legs in the oven at 160 celcius, once the coals are hot enough, place the chicken on the barbeque for about 5-10 minutes, turning to cook evenly on both sides. Giving colour and flavour to the chicken. Best served with a chunky coleslaw and crisp salad’



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