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18 December 2013 by Sam

illustration of monkeys and dogs at a party

As I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve been counting down the days on our lovely advent calendar, time is passing and Christmas is only a week away. It’s always the same, each year I say that next year I’m going to be organised, start my Christmas shopping in June and then enjoy a nice relaxed December. Hmm… Maybe 2014 could be the year that actually happens.

Today is the last day to send your cards by second class post in the UK, if you splash out on first class stamps then you’ve got until Friday. If these deadlines seem like impossible dreams to you the don’t worry, there is an alternative.

We have two fantastic ranges of Christmas e-cards from the collections to help you spread some festive cheer this year. The selection of vintage  Christmas e-cards features cards from the late 19th and early 20th century, mainly from the decorative art collection at the Walker Art Gallery, although this year a few new cards have been added from the social history collection at the Museum of Liverpool. These range from the cute to the bizarre, such as the ‘party animals’ card shown here. And just don’t ask why insects playing cricket are considered festive – apparently the Victorians thought they were, which is a good enough reason for me.

painting of an angel playing a narrow trumpetThere is also a fine art selection of paintings and sculpture from the Walker Ar Gallery, Sudley House and Lady Lever Art Gallery with a lot of old favourites, such as the beautiful ‘Angel Playing a Flageolet’ by Edward Burne-Jones, shown here. This year we have added some new paintings, including a few that were exhibited in recent John Moores Painting Prize exhibitions. I expect the ethereal ‘Sighting’ by Elizabeth Magill, voted the Visitors’ Choice award winner last year, will be popular.

Not only is there more choice but the cards themselves are now easier to send, with the option to send one to several people at once. So there really is no excuse not to send a jolly Christmas message to your loved ones. And if you really run out of time then don’t despair, you can always wish them a Happy New Year with an e-card instead.

  1. Kate Taylor says:

    Dear Museum of Liverpool staff: I live in Northern California, USA, and was very pleased when your website popped up on a google search. Thank you so much for the opportunity to choose free ecards. I am informing my friends of your website, and should there come a day when I win lotto, I will be quite happy to reward your generosities. Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all. Sincerely, Kate Taylor

    • Sam says:

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too and thank you for your comment, it’s great to know that our e-cards are appreciated all over the world. I hope that they have spread lots of festive cheer to your friends and family.

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