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13 April 2016 by Megan

The latest art exhibition at Sudley House by a group service users from Mersey Care NHS Trust is called ‘House’ and has been inspired by what the term ‘house’ means to them.

Twelve service users attended art workshops at Sudley House over a period of four months run by Liverpool community artists from The Artists Group (TAG) and Pauline Rowe, Mersey Care’s poet-in-residence.

The sessions produced models and 3D artwork, as well as creative writing which has been turned into a booklet to accompany the exhibition. Some of the individual pieces of art include a model of the house where a participant grew up, a papier-mâché lighthouse and other interpretations of the mean of house including a fragile place made with card, and a collective piece of art showing a village made us of houses.

Mersey Care Service User and Carer Lead Margaret Brown said: “This is another thought-provoking exhibition by service users who have gained new skills, tapped into their creative talents, made friends and gained confidence within the group. We’d like to thank all the staff at Sudley House and National Museums Liverpool for their continuing support of our art workshops and hope visitors to Sudley will enjoy this latest exhibition!”

Mersey Care provides a range of mental health services across Liverpool, Sefton and Kirkby and has worked for several years on a number of creative and therapeutic art projects based at Sudley House, in association with National Museums Liverpool.

This small exhibition runs until 23 April and is open daily from 10am – 5pm.

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