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The pride of Merseyside

16 May 2013 by Angela

Three people looking at a painting

We recently got some lovely feedback from a couple of our members. If you’ve ever wondered about joining the National Museums Liverpool membership scheme this is what it means to John and Cynthia from Southport:

“The last thing on our minds when my wife and I visited the then recently opened International Slavery Museum was to become members of National Museums Liverpool. Read more…

Designing the inclusive museum

1 May 2013 by Angela

The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark


I am just back from the Inclusive Museum conference in Copenhagen.  I gave one of the plenary papers alongside Kigge Hvid CEO of INDEX: Design to Improve Life, which leads the Danish government’s mandate to advance the humanist tenets of Danish design and W. Richard West Jr., President and CEO, The Autry, Los Angeles and founding Director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.  Amareswar Galla the Executive Director, International Institute for the Inclusive Museum, Denmark & India said he was pleased ISM was represented; not only for its current work, but that it would highlight the host country’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, something which had caused a heated debate in Denmark.  Read more…

Making maths meaningful

14 March 2013 by Angela

Lots of patterns created from coloured and shiny paperHere’s an update from Education Demonstrator Angelica Vanasse at the Walker Art Gallery:

“Maths might not be the first subject area that comes to mind when looking for curriculum links in the Walker Art Gallery collections, but the Education Team at the Walker has been working on lots of ways to demonstrate how the collections can support maths education. Read more…

World Book Day

6 March 2013 by Angela

Illustration of woman with a little boy and girl

Don’t be scared if you see a little lion, scary witch or even a gaggle of Gruffalo’s walking down the street tomorrow… World Book Day is upon is, which means children will be heading off to school dressed as characters from their favourite books. Parents up and down the land will tonight be attempting to craft Harry Potter glasses from pipe-cleaners and considering the health and safety implications of their offspring wearing a saucepan on their head. Read more…

Deaths-head moths!

27 February 2013 by Angela

a yellow caterpillar eating some leaves

Would you like a nice Chianti with that Mr Caterpillar…?

Paul Finnegan, a member of our Bug House team, has been lucky enough to receive some Death’s-head Hawkmoth caterpillars for World Museum.

The Death’s-head is the largest moth in the UK with a wingspan of up to six inches and played a starring role in the famous Silence of the Lamb’s movie poster. These fascinating little creatures migrate from North Africa and parts of Europe to the UK each summer. Adult moths make a loud squeaking sound which, prior to the creation of modern bee hives, the moths used to calm angry bees when raiding hives to steal honey! Read more…

Young explorers

25 February 2013 by Angela

Boy with a shell

We’re looking for young explorers to embark on an exciting journey through crafts and drama to discover more about where they live. Young Explorers is a new group for 8-12 year olds who want to learn new skills and make a difference to their surroundings. The project will culminate in designing an artefact that will be exhibited in World Museum.

The sessions will be on Saturday mornings in March and April at World Museum, check out our What’s On listings for dates and times.

New residents at the Aquarium are a cuttle above

24 January 2013 by Angela

Cuttle fish in tank

Can you tell where he is yet?

Here’s Alyster Chapman, Education Demonstrator at the Aquarium, to tell you about some new inhabitants at World Museum…

There are some new animals to come and see at the Aquarium, the common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis). Though the name tries to suggest it, these animals are not fish at all, but molluscs, they’re related to octopus, squids and nautiluses, and more related to a garden snail than a fish. When we first got these cuttles in they were only a few cm in length, we fattened them up in the back and waited till they were feeding fine and grown on to put them out. They’re currently around 6cm in length.  Read more…

The grand old lady is 90

21 December 2012 by Angela

Princess Beatrice and Lord Leverhulme opening the Lady Lever Art Gallery

Sarah Lynch, Administrative Assistant at the Lady Lever Art Gallery tells us about a special milestone the gallery reached this week:

This great old Lady is 90 years young now; she always likes to keep up with the times as well as remembering her roots to appeal to a wider audience; adults and children will all find something of interest here. Read more…

The passing of a true British institution

12 December 2012 by Angela

Image of jupiter and earth in the planetarium Here’s John Moran, Education demonstrator at the Planetarium paying tribute to Sir Patrick Moore:

“Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell Moore CBE, FRS, FRAS to give him his full title sadly passed away last week but he leaves behind a true legacy of not only astronomical knowledge but also of broadcasting over 50 years to which I am personally very grateful. The Sky at Night is the longest continuous show in British television history and is still going strong.  Read more…

Step away from the smellies

5 December 2012 by Angela

Christmas shop display

If you’ve walked through town this week you might have noticed the increased presence of a strange seasonal creature. Wild eyed, delirious and prone to rash impulses, approach these beings with caution: the season of the confused Christmas shopper is upon us. Read more…

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