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Fashion from the street…

13 February 2009 by Lisa

To celebrate the opening of our new Fashion V Sport exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery, I’ve put together a Flickr gallery of some of the cool and stylish outfits worn by some of our private view guests.

Part of the exhibition examines street style and the variety of styles I saw in one evening was certainly varied and creative. Damian Quinn, the man responsible for the gold topped ‘Onthamike’ trainers from the ‘Play’ section, was wearing a similar pair on the night from his Supremebeing brand. On the other end of the scale, self-confessed trainer obsessive ‘Mookie’ told me about her Nike Air Force 1 trainers that she had customised using multi-coloured paint spatters. She had worn them on her Duke of Edinburgh hike, before giving them a new lease of life with her own design! Mookie is a creative apprentice at the moment so who knows, she might be a Footwear Director like Damian one day. Read more…

Fashion V Sport coming soon!

4 February 2009 by Lisa

This may be the closest I will get to a piece of Chanel clothing, but our curators of decorative arts are used to getting their hands on clothes from big names such as Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney in their everyday work!

Curator of Costume and Textiles, Pauline Rushton, has been working on our forthcoming ‘Fashion V Sport’ exhibition organised by the V&A, London, which opens on Friday 13 February at the Walker Art Gallery. You can see Pauline (below) unpacking some trainers from a huge collection featured in the exhibition, all belonging to an obsessive collector called Kish. Read more…

Geek chic for spring

16 January 2009 by Lisa

A pair of glassses and a scarf

Geek chic: my new glasses and scarf.

As David Bowie would say; “fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion” – it’s a funny old thing. For spring/summer 2009 newspapers and magazines are saying ‘there are no trends this season, anything goes.’ Isn’t that just called individuality?! Anyway, while Yves Saint Laurent goes about trying to convince us that his new ‘cage boot’ is somehow beautiful (it’s not) and wearable (I doubt it) I had a couple of thoughts of my own about new items which I reckon are pretty cool right now.

Firstly, and perhaps most controversially, are ‘geek specs’. I’ve gone for a fetching pair of tortoiseshell Ray-Ban style ones from ebay. Admittedly, I am waiting to wear them on a night out where I won’t meet anyone I know, in case they exclaim; “I didn’t know you wore glasses!” and I have to sheepishly admit that I don’t and it’s just a so-called fashion thing. Maybe I’ll try them at a club-night in Bolton?

Secondly, following on from the end of 2008, I like knotted scarves. Avoiding looking like Dot Cotton is of course a consideration, but I think rolling a small one up and tying it with a knot sitting on top of your head kind of works. You feel a bit like a 1940s land girl. Sort of.

Lastly, my most recent addition is a slouchy longer-length blazer with an embroidered emblem on the pocket. Elle magazine seem to be mentioning this kind of thing as a good item to get your hands on – though I bet the version they featured is much more expensive than mine, which I got for a fiver from an ace vintage shop.

Also on the subject of fashion, check back here soon for regular blogs about the upcoming ‘Fashion V Sport’ exhibition that will open on Friday 13 February at the Walker Art Gallery. Expect a sequinned Chanel ‘wetsuit’, Stella McCartney sportswear and lots of trainers!

Now, if I could just fit some ‘party feet’ gel pads into those YSL cage boots, I’m sure they’d be really comfy?
Read more…

Tightening our belts? Fashion versus the credit crunch!

24 November 2008 by Lisa

So the prices of new potatoes and i-pods are going up and we’re being told to be prepared for a measly Christmas. But what does this mean for fashion? Will we be wearing polyester smocks for spring/summer 2009? Well one theory is that hemlines rise and fall with the stock market, so maybe we can expect ankle-skimming skirts to be everywhere. Though a recent article in the Guardian argues that this rule doesn’t really work as; ‘During the wartime years, arguably the period of greatest privation in modern history, hemlines were shorter than before or after the war.’ Read more…

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