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Dig at the dock – first day of the dig

8 January 2007 by Sam

Archaeologists in action

Rob Philpott and Anis Price examine the latest discovery

Karen introduced our head of archaeology Rob Philpott on the blog last week in a post about the excavation of the site for the new Museum of Liverpool. Today was the first official day of the dig, so I donned a hard hat and high visibility jacket to visit Rob and his team in action on the site.

Although relatively little of the tarmac covering the site has been removed so far, the team have already found the entrance to the original Manchester Dock. While I was there volunteer Anis Price uncovered the metal from the top of the dock gates, which she is pointing out to Rob in the photograph above. Some original cobblestones had also been exposed and we were starting to see the base of settings for cranes and other dock machinery. Read more…

The dig at the dock – week 1

3 January 2007 by Karen

Note from Karen: introducing Rob Philpott, head of archaeology at National Museums Liverpool. He’ll be providing regular updates on progress at the dig which is about to begin at the waterfront.

computer generated image of a large marble building on the river edge

The forthcoming Museum of Liverpool viewed from the north.

Tomorrow archaeologists from NML’s Field Archaeology Unit are starting work on the site of the new Museum of Liverpool. The new museum will be built on the Liverpool waterfront on an area of land which was reclaimed from the estuary in the late 18th century to construct some of Liverpool’s vast sequence of docks. We will be working in advance of construction to ensure that the remains of the two docks affected by the scheme, Manchester Dock and Chester Basin, are fully recorded. As the top of the docks lie close to the surface, we will first be removing the tarmac surface to expose the dock walls and quaysides. These will be mapped and photographed and a detailed plan made. Read more…

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