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Win concert tickets

19 August 2009 by Karen

You could win tickets to see either the Soweto Gospel Choir on Saturday 5 September or Odemba OK Jazz All Stars on Tuesday 29 September.

To enter just visit the International Slavery Museum and answer this simple question:

What section of the International Slavery Museum is the Black Achievers Wall in?

Please send us your answer using this contact form to arrive before midnight on Tuesday 25 August 2009, stating which concert you would prefer to see. There will be two winners, one for each concert. There’s more on the competition and the featured artists on our main site. Read more…

A Les Paul called Lucy

14 August 2009 by Dawn

A guitar shaped cut-out in an exhibition wall

I wanted to write something in tribute to Les Paul who died yesterday at the age of 94. Les Paul was a jazz musician who persuaded guitar maker Gibson to create a solid-bodied electric guitar. He’d already cobbled together such a guitar from a railway sleeper and a couple of pick-ups, but when Gibson refined ‘The Log’, the Gibson Les Paul was born. The Gibson Les Paul is an iconic guitar played by some of the most innovative rock guitarists the world has ever seen. Pete Townsend, Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash to name but a few. 

I visited The Beat Goes On exhibition at World Museum to see if any trace of Les Paul’s influence could be found, and although there aren’t any Les Pauls in the exhibition I did find this rather familiar walk-through! (I should mention there are several other splendid guitars such as Will Sergeant’s customised Telecaster and one owned by Billy Fury). Perhaps I should have also looked in the recording section because Les Paul also developed revolutionary multi-tracking techniques, but that is another story. Read more…

Macca’s trousers!

14 May 2009 by Lisa

Swishing and searching for cool vintage clothes is very popular right now, but who would have thought that celebrated poet Roger McGough would be into recycling clothes!

Last week Roger, who is himself part of Liverpool’s musical heritage, lent the World Museum a unique item to adorn the walls of our massive music exhibition, The Beat Goes On. This unusual item is in fact a pair of trousers; but not just any trousers! They once belonged to Roger’s fellow Scaffold member Mike McCartney’s brother Paul, a member of another little-known band from Liverpool; The Beatles. (You may have heard of them, they were around a bit in the 60s.) Read more…

Jake and Dinos Chapman go rock’n’roll

30 March 2009 by Lisa

Ah what can you say to describe the amazing PJ Harvey? Rock star. Legend. Fan of Nick Cave. Player of Gibson Firebird guitars. The most glamorous person to come from Dorset…and now a lover of bouncy castles! Let me explain.

PJ Harvey has been recording with her long-time collaborator John Parish and the first single from their forthcoming album will be out on 13 April. The video for this single, ‘Black Hearted Love’, has been made by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman who we were pleased to have on the jury for the recent John Moores 25 Contemporary Painting Prize at the Walker Art Gallery. Read more…

All you need is love!

25 March 2009 by Lisa

In these grim economic times and rainy days, we could do worse than remind ourselves that there is usually a light at the end of the tunnel! Forty years ago this week, John Lennon and Yoko Ono set about bringing a message of peace to the world from their bed in the Amsterdam Hilton hotel. They vowed to stay in bed for a whole week (24 – 31 March, 1969) in what they called a “bed-in for peace”. It certainly drew alot of media attention to their message of peace and in particular their stance against the war in Vietnam, which can only be a good thing.  While this might not be everyone’s idea of a great honeymoon, I can’t think of a better place to stage a peace protest than a nice comfy bed. I took part in an anti-war demo in Manchester once and by heck it was freezing! Read more…

A taste of Iceland

2 December 2008 by Lisa

Our venues were going Viking crazy in November, with several Viking themed events to link in with the Nordic International Cultural Events (NICE) festival. There was the opportunity to meet a Viking warrior and his wife at the World Museum and a free conference at the Maritime Museum discussing Viking finds in the North West, such as the Huxley Hoard. At the Lady Lever Art Gallery, visitors were treated to a concert by Icelandic musicians and Learning Officer Lauren Gould has all the details from this unqiue event:

A lady singing in front of a crowd

Acclaimed Icelandic musicians: Bjorg Thorhallsdottir and Elisabet Waage.

As part of the NICE 08 festival, visitors to the Lady Lever Art Gallery were delighted with beautiful music provided by soprano, Bjorg Thorhallsdottir and harpist, Elisabet Waage. Both musicians travelled over from Iceland to perform at the gallery on 26 November, after appearing on BBC Radio Merseyside the night before.

The recital was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy two acclaimed Icelandic musicians performing Icelandic music, English folk songs and variety of church music. Icelandic art songs were premiered as well as new arrangements of traditional folk songs for soprano and harp. Read more…

No covers here…

27 August 2008 by Lisa

Having not been to the Mathew Street Festival for several years (due to the high proliforation of Swedish Rolling Stones cover bands and ‘highlights’ being performers called Robbing Williams) I was persuaded to go along on Monday to check it out once more. I was pleased that they at least now have a new bands stage, but I wonder if the bands were getting paid as much as the fake rockers? Anyway it was worth it as I got to see local band, ASBOS, who I’ve seen before and are always deliciously weird. Great songs and cool vocals that remind me of The Pixies. It was good to see them up on a big stage, singing their classics; ‘That’s Not Mum’ and ‘Weird Dream’ while getting screamed at, Take That-style, by a group of teenies wearing leopard print leggings and angel wings. Read more…

A face for radio

28 February 2008 by Lisa

Black and white portrait of Lita Roza

See, I like to make the effort when I appear on the radio!

(It’s not really me. This is actually Lita Roza from Liverpool, the first British female artist to ever have a UK number one hit in 1953 with ‘How Much is that Doggie in the Window?’)

Make sure you check out ‘The Pool’ show with Dave Monks on BBC Radio Merseyside, from 8pm this Sunday 2 March! I’m going to be on choosing my top three favourite Liverpool tracks of the moment and talking about ‘The Beat Goes On’.

So tune in to hear my choices…a bit of eighties, a bit of punk and some wooly-hat-wearing-Velvet-Underground- meets-psychedelic sounds. I once did a similar thing choosing some tracks on the fantastic Halton FM a few years ago (yes, the dizzy heights of stardom) but at the BBC you get free coffee and the microphones are bigger. Read more…

Calling all Merseyside bands!

20 February 2008 by Lisa

A scene of DJ-worshipping clubbers

Creamfields 06 UK (2006) © Cream

Just to let you know that Merseyside bands will get the chance to be part of the massive music exhibition, ‘The Beat Goes On’, if they join our new Myspace page at: http://www.myspace.com/thebeatgoesonliverpool !

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into, just join us as a friend and you will be in with a chance to become part of the exhibition, alongside bands such as The Zutons, The Wombats, Echo and The Bunnymen and OMD.

‘The Beat Goes On’ exhibition will start this summer at the World Museum and will celebrate the city’s music venues, bands and creativity. 

On the Myspace page each month, we will choose ten tracks from bands on the friends list. These tracks will be featured on the Myspace page as a monthly top ten chart, where the public will be able to vote for their favourite online.

Top ten bands will have their band and track name displayed on a wall in the exhibition to show the top ten for each month. The number one track at the end of each month will be added to a ‘digital jukebox’ in the exhibition and will become part of ‘The Beat Goes On’, giving bands great exposure for their music and the chance to reach a larger audience.

Voting will begin at the start of June when the first top ten chart will be displayed on the exhibition’s Myspace page. Read more…

Rocking in Paris

11 October 2007 by Lisa

Feature wall in the 'Rock'n'Roll' 39-59' exhibition

View of the exhibition Rock’n’Roll 39-59 From June 22 to October 28, 2007 Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris. Photo : André Morin

I was in Paris last weekend and went to a cool exhibition at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, an amazing glass fronted building near Montparnasse cemetery (I had just been to visit the graves of Samuel Beckett, Serge Gainsbourg and Charles Baudelaire). The exhibition was ‘Rock’n’Roll 39-59’, which looked at the birth and evolution of rock’n’roll in the USA from its blues, jazz and gospel roots, right up to the late ’50’s.

I really liked the huge screen with comfy bean-bags you could lie on while watching footage of stars like Chuck Berry and of course Elvis, in a film that told the whole story of rock’n’roll. It made you realise just how crazy singers like Jerry Lee Lewis were and how shocking he probably was in his time. Of course Little Richard seems pretty odd now, so imagine his impact on audiences in the 1950’s! Though where were the female performers? I like Wanda Jackson and she wasn’t in the film, though she was in the music pods that we listened to later on. We also saw some priceless objects, such as the actual guitar that Elvis used during his first recordings at Sun Records!  Read more…

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