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VIP Zone – Videos, Interactives, Podcasts and more!

10 July 2009 by Lisa

Across the National Museums Liverpool website, we have loads of great games, e-cards, online-only exhibitions, videos, interactives and podcasts for you to enjoy. And we’ve just launched our new VIP Zone as a hub for all these cool features that really bring our collections and exhibitions to life.

You can watch a video of a Pharaoh talking about life in ancient Egypt or download a talk by curator Pauline Rushton and photographer Francesco Mellina about our Sound and Vision exhibition – photographs of Liverpool music and fashion from 1978-82. Read more…

Josh Kirby podcast

18 July 2007 by Karen

man pointing at a painting while reading from a clipboard

Paul O’Keefe in full flow

If you’ve not yet been to the rather splendid exhibition, Out of this World: the Art of Josh Kirby, you might want to download a gallery tour by Paul O’Keefe to take on your visit. The tour starts in the smaller entrance gallery and then moves into the main hall.

If downloading isn’t your thing, or you’re not going to get to the exhibition, you might just want to read the transcript or listen to the talk from the comfort of your own PC. Read more…

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