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‘Art gallery closed’ – Save the Arts campaign

13 October 2010 by Lisa

'Art gallery closed' sign hanging on a door knob

The new work by Bob and Roberta Smith

Another new art work has been released this week as part of the Save the Arts campaign. We have been following the campaign on our blog over the last few weeks in the run up to the announcement of cuts later this month. This latest work is by British artist, Bob and Roberta Smith (aka Patrick Brill).

As you can see, the work shows a sign on an art gallery door with the following text:

ADMISSION £17.50 Read more…

Angel of the North loses wing

6 October 2010 by Lisa

Angel of the North statue with wing cut off

The new work by Cornelia Parker.

A new work by Turner Prize nominated artist, Cornelia Parker, has been released today. It is the latest in the series of artworks that have been created specially for the Save the Arts campaign, which we have been following on this blog. You can see the other artworks from the campaign here.

The work shows Antony Gormley’s celebrated Angel of the North with one of its wings lopped off. The caption reads: ‘Why clip the wings of an industry that is soaring? It’s a false economy to cut the arts.’ Read more…

‘Stop Cutting’ artwork by Yinka Shonibare

28 September 2010 by Lisa

The latest artwork created in support of the Save the Arts campaign has arrived!

The artwork by Yinka Shonibare

The artwork by Yinka Shonibare

We have been following the progress of this campaign here on the blog, as well as highlighting our own petition against potential cuts – you can sign it online here.

This striking new work by Fourth Plinth artist Yinka Shonibare was unveiled today as part of the campaign supported by over 100 leading British artists against the government’s proposed funding cuts of the arts. Read more…

‘Reckless’ artwork by Mark Wallinger

21 September 2010 by Lisa

Turner's painting with a section cut out

The artwork by Mark Wallinger

Leading on from the video piece by David Shrigley in support of the Save The Arts campaign, a new work by Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger was released today. This work is part of a campaign supported by over 100 leading British artists against the government’s proposed funding cuts of the arts.

Mark Wallinger’s work shows a copy of Turner’s masterpiece, ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ (1839) by Joseph Mallord William Turner, in the collection of the National Gallery in London. A slash in the painting carries a notice “25% cut” and underneath the work a caption reads: “If 25% were slashed from arts funding the loss would be immeasurable.” Read more…

Save the Arts with David Shrigley!

10 September 2010 by Lisa

Over a hundred leading artists including David Hockney, Damien Hirst, Anthony Caro, Howard Hodgkin, Anish Kapoor, Richard Hamilton, Bridget Riley, Antony Gormley and Tracey Emin have joined the campaign to make the case against the proposed 25% cuts in government funding of the arts.

Other supporters include John Moores 2010 exhibitor Ian Davenport and Wolfgang Tillmans who is about to open an exhibition here at the Walker Art Gallery.

The campaign is launched today with the release of a new video animation by artist David Shrigley highlighting the effect of the funding cuts, which you can see below. Each week the work of a different artist, created in response to the campaign, will be released. Mark Wallinger will present the next project. Read more…

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