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Liam receives his v50 certificate

6 October 2009 by Sam

two people holding a certificate

Curator Kay Jones presented Liam with his v50 certificate

Liam Physick, a student at Liverpool University and one of our fantastic youth volunteers, has recently achieved his v50 Award for volunteering for 50 hours for the Museum of Liverpool’s urban history department. Liam did a fantastic job of logging 5,605 comment cards from The Beat Goes On exhibition, which asked for visitors’ Liverpool music memories. The responses will be used in research at the University of Liverpool. Liam says,

“The project developed my IT skills and taught me how to log records. It was very interesting to read people’s experiences. One woman claimed that her husband had been the man who discovered The Beatles. It has clearly shown that people inside and outside Liverpool are fascinated by the city’s musical heritage. Visitors came from all over the world including Malaysia, America, the Bahamas and Romania.”
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Wellington and the last night of Woolton Cinema

18 January 2007 by Lisa

Wellington Column, Philip G Mayer

Commutation Row, Philip G Mayer

Philip G Mayer’s flickr photostream contains some great early 1980s photographs of Liverpool, including this one of Wellington column outside the Walker with the row of buildings that were demolished to make way for Commutation Plaza.

Philip has also set up the Old Liverpool pool, inviting anyone with a Flickr account to post their photos to it. The pool includes this great set of postcards that he dates to around 1906 –  I love the Prince’s Avenue and Bold Street ones. The postcards are all based on original photographs. There’s also a very stylish artist’s impression of the interior of the Mersey Tunnel and a set of photos of the last night of Woolton Cinema. Read more…

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