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The Pier Head Time Warp

10 October 2011 by Lucy

Image of gallery

The People’s Republic gallery, featuring the life size Liver Bird and scale model of the Pier Head. (c) Mark McNulty

The Museum of Liverpool is hosting a free family-friendly event in The People’s Republic gallery this weekend, working with artists collective Re-Dock to create a film to document the life of the Pier Head.

People of all ages are invited to the Museum of Liverpool on Saturday 15 October to get involved with an interactive filmmaking experiment aiming to create a film that mixes old and new footage of the Pier Head together, to create a looping video mix that will take the audience on a journey through time. Read more…

Video interviews with John Moores judges

27 April 2010 by Lisa

Two men and one woman - judging the John Moores 2010 entries

Artists Ged Quinn, Alison Watt and Gary Hume during stage 1

At last! Our first look behind the scenes of the John Moores 2010 is now online.

Watch the video here…

You will see judges Gary Hume, Ged Quinn and Alison Watt talking about the competition so far and footage from inside the judging room itself, with snatches of their discussions!

Fellow judges Goshka Macuga and Sir Norman Rosenthal were absent due to the ban on flights at the time because of the volcanic ash problems. Their choices were included as Reyahn King, Head of Art Galleries at National Museums Liverpool, read out their preferences during the judging process. Read more…

Behind the scenes of John Moores 2010

19 April 2010 by Lisa

Photo of Gary Hume in a white studio

Gary Hume, one of the judges for the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2010. Photo: Georgie Hopton

Excitement is mounting as we’re now starting the first stage of judging for the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2010! With a first prize of £25,000 and four further prizes of £2500 on the table, there is certainly plenty to get excited about. We’ve already seen some entries featuring canvasses smeared in beeswax and one daubed with coffee, so we know there will be plenty of variety and innovation for the judges to get their teeth into. Read more…

Live video link up

30 March 2010 by Lisa

Here is Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, Clem Fisher, to tell us about the World Museum’s latest live video link up with down under…

I presented a talk at the Museum & Art Gallery Northern Territory, Australia recently and still got home to Liverpool in time for tea! New Media Manager, Phil Phillips, had set up a video link for me as part of the Australian launch of my 360 page monograph on vertebrate zoology specimens collected at Port Essington, Cobourg Peninsula, on the north coast of Australia. The monograph is based on manuscripts written by the English collector John Gilbert. He visited Port Essington from 1840-1841 and collected hundreds of specimens there, many which were new to science. A good number of these are now in World Museum, along with specimens collected at Port Essington by the 13th Earl of Derby’s collector, John MacGillivray.
Port Essington, founded in 1838, was the first base of the British Navy in north Australia, from where the British were able to annex the whole continent. It was nearer Singapore than Sydney. The site is also important from the natural history point of view, as more than 8% of all forms of Australian birds and mammals were first collected there. Read more…

ISM video

3 August 2009 by Karen

Further to my previous post about International Slavery Museum getting to the final of the National Lottery awards, the Lottery have commissioned this promotional video about the museum and why it should win. You can also see it on our main site.

Remember that you can vote online on the National Lottery Good Causes website, or by calling 0844 686 6957.

Update 04/08/09: This video now has a transcript which can be viewed on our main site. Read more…

VIP Zone – Videos, Interactives, Podcasts and more!

10 July 2009 by Lisa

Across the National Museums Liverpool website, we have loads of great games, e-cards, online-only exhibitions, videos, interactives and podcasts for you to enjoy. And we’ve just launched our new VIP Zone as a hub for all these cool features that really bring our collections and exhibitions to life.

You can watch a video of a Pharaoh talking about life in ancient Egypt or download a talk by curator Pauline Rushton and photographer Francesco Mellina about our Sound and Vision exhibition – photographs of Liverpool music and fashion from 1978-82. Read more…

Jake and Dinos Chapman go rock’n’roll

30 March 2009 by Lisa

Ah what can you say to describe the amazing PJ Harvey? Rock star. Legend. Fan of Nick Cave. Player of Gibson Firebird guitars. The most glamorous person to come from Dorset…and now a lover of bouncy castles! Let me explain.

PJ Harvey has been recording with her long-time collaborator John Parish and the first single from their forthcoming album will be out on 13 April. The video for this single, ‘Black Hearted Love’, has been made by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman who we were pleased to have on the jury for the recent John Moores 25 Contemporary Painting Prize at the Walker Art Gallery. Read more…

Darwin and the mummies

12 February 2009 by Karen

Nope, not a band featuring in The Beat Goes On exhibition but a couple of World Museum Liverpool-related pieces on the Guardian site today.

There’s a short video shot in Saqqara, south of Cairo, where archaeologists are excavating ancient Egyptian tombs and unearthing mummies. You can see the video here. 

Also, today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. The Guardian has created a multimedia guide that looks at the social and historical context of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection (I didn’t know that Darwin was born on the same day as Abraham Lincoln). Read more…

Getting all the gossip

15 December 2008 by Lisa

If you want to hear an Egyptian Pharaoh telling you about his new fiancé or get the gossip about a runaway Egyptian servant, then check out these videos taken from the new Ancient Egypt gallery. They really bring to life some of the  types of people who would have lived and worked in Egypt at the time. Apparently, the runaway servant in question didn’t want to clean his master’s smelly clothes anymore, but I won’t spoil the story for you! Read more…

You have the power!

7 October 2008 by Lisa

Wow. What a great feeling it is to give rather than to receive, yes?! Well you have the power to help decide who will get the grand sum of £2008! All you have to do is get voting in our Visitors’ Choice award for the painting you like best in the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.

Take a good look through the exhibition and think about which painting deserves your vote. Which one jumps out at you? Which one leaves a lasting impression? Is there one that really gets under your skin? Read more…

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